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 +====== HTTP ======
 +The phone sends a http(s)-Request.
 +You can use the HTTP Methods ''​GET''​ and ''​POST''​.
 +The specified uri is queried.
 +You can also specify additional headers and the post content.
 +The requests response code can be used to set the keys LED.
 +**Example: **
 +<code xml>
 +<key keyNumber="​13"​ label="​http">​
 + <​keyConfiguration>​
 +   <​function>​
 +     <​invocations>​
 +       <​invocation>​
 +        <​http>​
 +          <request httpMethod="​get">​
 +            <​uri>​http://​​test_menu.xml</​uri>​
 +            <​httpHeader header="​called"​ value="​77"/>​
 +          </​request>​
 +        </​http>​
 +       </​invocation>​
 +     </​invocations>​
 +   </​function>​
 + </​keyConfiguration>​