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 +==== Setting ====
 +Modifies a locale setting.
 +To configure this key, you need to define the ''​XPath''​ of the setting and a list of values.
 +Each key press iterates the list and sets the next value, repeating when the end of the list was reached.
 +You can define a specific LED for each given value. ​
 +**Example:​** Toggle the primary codec of the first identity between ''​G.722''​ and ''​G.711''​
 +<code xml>
 +<key keyNumber="​11"​ label="​codec">​
 + <​keyConfiguration>​
 +   <​function>​
 +     <​invocations>​
 +       <​invocation>​
 +         <​setting path="​identities/​identity[1]/​audiocodecs/​audiocodec[1]">​
 +           <​values>​
 +             <​value>​G.722</​value>​
 +             <​led ledColor="​green"​ ledBlinking="​true"/>​
 +           </​values>​
 +           <​values>​
 +             <​value>​G.711</​value>​
 +             <​led ledColor="​red"/>​
 +           </​values>​
 +         </​setting>​
 +       </​invocation>​
 +     </​invocations>​
 +   </​function>​
 + </​keyConfiguration>​