CF ext. calls: Immediately

Toggles the pbx-setting which redirects all incoming calls to a specific number on a specific exchange line. Uses feature-code: ##96 + exchange + #*21* + target + # + extension to activate forwarding and ##96 + exchange + ##21# + extension to deactivate.

  • green when Call forwarding is enabled to the target on the provided exchange
  • off when Call forwarding is disabled to the target on the provided exchange
  • solid orange on error, e.g. when sip dialog subscription to the feature-code did not work
  • orange blinking when subscription is being (re-)tried to establish

The key-type has the following parameters:

The identity the key is tied to. Only active identities can make calls or send sip-subscriptions.

The exchange line access number (account number) that identifies the exchange.

The target where forwarded calls are to be redirected to.

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