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You can provision this file and you'll be able to chat lua with your phone using http/curl.

The Lua-api is very powerful and can be used to read/change passwords or start calls and much more. You should not install this script in the field or at least be very very deligant about save-guarding your AccessTokens.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<luaAutoStarters patch="true">
    <luaScript name="InteractiveLuaViaHttp">
            function onScript(url, body, headers, vars)
                local fct, error = load(body, "httpScript")
                if (fct) then
                  local worked, result = pcall(fct)
                  if (worked) then
                    return 200, result
                  else -- code crashed, inform why:
                    return 400, result
                else -- code didn't compile, inform why:
                  return 500, error
            http.listen("interactive.lua", onScript, true)
            debug.log("listening for lua-cmds on https://[phoneIp]/api/v1/exec/interactive.lua")
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