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 +====== Unsolicited Notify ======
 +A D-Series phone allows a configuration via SIP notify messages.
 +The user configures this feature with the settings ''/provisioning/sip/active''.
 +The phone accepts only devices that are configured in the [[.:settings:provisioning|allowlist]] (former whitelist).
 +An allowed sender can provide check-sync messages, that also may contain a [[http://www.auerswald-root.de/download/datei/Developer/COMfortel_1400IP_2600IP_3600IP_ab_2_2G/Version_2_8B/xsd/notify_sync.xsd|XML]] body.
 +Furthermore the sender can send direct XML configuration snippets that are applied via the [[en:products:comfortel-d-series:developer:provisioning:migrationindetail|migration-machnism]].
 +  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 +  <notifySync>
 +    <checkSync>
 +      <url>http://prov.server.com/prov/base.xml</url>
 +      <dataAvailable>true</dataAvailable>
 +    </checkSync>
 +  </notifySync>
 +The phone reacts to the message above with a start of the provisioning service that will use the url directly.
 +The elements ''url'' and ''dataAvailable'' are optional.
 +The provisioning service uses the in [[en:wiki.auerswald.de:products:comfortel-d-series:developer:provisioning:explanation|Provisioning]] described sources, when no further infomation is given.
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