Get conversation data list (API version 2.0 or higher)

Function call (URL) Permissions Possible parameters
/app_gespr_list User
Without parameters,
all data records are displayed

Output of call data from data record X.

Number of data records to be output.

Example call – Output of all data records:

Example call – Output of the first 10 data records:

Example call – Output of all data records from record 100:

Example call – Output of 10 data records from data record 100:


  • When logging in as “Admin”, the web server returns an empty array, displayed as [].
Response type Possible content
idUnique number of the call data list entry.
The IDs do not have to be consecutive because they originate from the central call data acquisition and outgoing connections are also stored there.
extNameName of the caller, if call number or name is known. The name can come from the central telephone book, from the online name search or from the network (display message from the direction of the network operator).
extRufNrPhone number of the caller, if known.
datumDate of the call.
startZeitTime of the call.
dauerDuration of the call in seconds.
msnOwn called number.
dirDirection (0: coming, 1: going)

Example response (2 conversations):

    "id": 58447,
    "extName": "",
    "extRufNr": "0530692000",
    "datum": "04.04.17",
    "startZeit": "12:44:59",
    "dauer": "48",
    "msn": "970851",
    "id": 58448,
    "extName": "",
    "extRufNr": "0530692000",
    "datum": "02.04.17",
    "startZeit": "12:10:29",
    "dauer": "147",
    "msn": "970851",