Get MSN/DDI call forwarding overview

Function call (URL)PermissionsPossible parameters

Example call:

Response typePossible content
msnIdUnique number of the external number (not the external number).
amtIdUnique number of the outside line (not the external number).
nameShows the name of the external number.
rufNummerShows the actual external number.
permanent Shows the status of the permanent configuration.
0 switched off
1 switched on
awssoforttypShows the status of immediate call forwarding.
0 switched off
1 switched on
awssofortzielShows the call destination for immediate call forwarding.
awsnrtypShows the status of call diversion in case of no reply.
0 switched off
1 switched on
awsnrzielShows the call destination of the call diversion when no answer is received.
awsbstypShows the status of call forwarding on busy.
0 switched off
1 switched on
awsbszielShows the call destination of the call forwarding on busy.

Example response:

    "msnId": 6399,
    "amtId": 749,
    "name": "MSN1",
    "permanent": 1,
    "rufNummer": "4712",
    "awssoforttyp": 0,
    "awssofortziel": "6549432",
    "awsnrtyp": 1,
    "awsnrziel": "486433241",
    "awsbstyp": 0, "awsbsziel":
    "msnId": 864,
    "amtId": 749,
    "name": "MSN2",
    "permanent": 0,
    "rufNummer": "970852",
    "awssoforttyp": 0,
    "awssofortziel": "",
    "awsnrtyp": 0,
    "awsnrziel": "",
    "awsbstyp": 0,
    "awsbsziel": ""
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