Activating and deactivating MSN/DDI call forwarding (call destination API version 2 or higher, permanent configuration API version 7 or higher)

Function call (URL)PermissionsPossible parameters
Specifying the MSN ID (msnID).

0 immediately
1 when occupied
2 when not reporting

1 switch on
0 switch off

Specifies the destination number including the exchange access digit of the call diversion.

Sets the permanent configuration
1 switch on
0 switch off

Example call – Activate “immediate” call forwarding (saved destination number is accepted):

Example call – Activate “immediate” call forwarding, including destination number:


  • For the user to be able to switch MSN/DDI call forwarding, the option “Setting up features with the network operator (AWS, keypad)” must be activated under “Permissions” in the subscriber properties.
  • Up to API version 6, the flag for the permanent configuration of the respective MSN had to be set in the configuration manager. With API version 7, this flag can now also be set via the API.
Response typePossible content
successfultrue Switchover successful
false Switching not successful

Example response:

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