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Get phone book categories (API version 3.0 or higher)

Function call (URL)PermissionsPossible parameters

Example call:

Response typePossible content
idId of category.
nameThe name of the category.
defaultShows whether it is the default category
0 no
1 yes
typeShows which category type it is
0 Standard category with a maximum of 2,000 entries in the phone book
1 COMfortel DECT 900 handsets 140 entries in the phone book*
2 COMfortel DECT 900 handsets 250 entries in the phone book*\
3 Phone book version 1 with 400 entries in the phone book*

* only COMpact 5000 (R), COMmander 6000(R, RX)

Example response:

            "id": 4205,
            "name": "Einkauf",
            "default": 1,
            "type": 0
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