Get the telephone book list

Function call (URL)AuthorizationsPossible parameters
/app_telephone bookUser
App interface up to version 2:
App interface from version 3:
Specification of the unique category ID of the telephone book or transmission of the parameter catId=0 to display all entries

Example call App interface up to version 2:\

|Answer type|Possible contents|

idUnique number of the phone book entry.
kwNrInternal speed dial number of the phone book entry.
zielNummerThe external destination number.
kwNameThe name of the external destination number.
callThroughShows whether the destination number of this entry is allowed to use Call Through of the appliance when it makes an incoming call to its own office number defined for Call Through.
0 off
1 on
callThroughSperrShows whether a lock defined in the appliance (outgoing) is taken into account for outgoing call through connections.
0 Lock is not taken into account
1 Lock is taken into account

Example response:

    "id": 4601,
    "kwNr": 7095,
    "zielNummer": "045904944012",
    "kwName": "Alice",
    "callThrough": 0,
    "callThroughSperr": 0

Starting with the app interface version 3, a category ID must be attached to the request. Calls without this parameter are answered with a note that the app needs to be updated in the existing (old) format.

Example call App interface version 3 without the parameter catId:

Example response (in old phonebook format):

    "id": 0,
    "kwNr": 0,
    "zielNummer": "",
    "kwName": "Bitte updaten",
    "callThrough": 0,
    "callThroughSperr": 0

Example call App interface version 3 with parameter catId:

Note: xxx

Response typePossible content
idunique number of the phone book entry.
displaynameDisplayname - Displayed name in Auerswald system phones
number1External phone number 1
type1Type of external call number 1
0 User-defined
1 Business
type12 Private
3 Mobile
4 Fax business
5 Fax private
number2External phone number 2
type2Type of external phone number 2 – see listing under type1
number3External phone number 3
type3Type of external phone number 2 – see listing under type1
number4External phone number 4
type4Type of external phone number 4 – see listing under type1

Example call:

Example Response:

    "id": 7842,
    "surname": "duck."
    "givenname": "Daisy",
    "company": "Entenhaus AG & CO.KG",
    "displayname": "Daisy Duck",
    "number1": "0123456789",
    "type1": 1,
    "number2": "0987654321",
    "type2": 2,
    "number3": "",
    "type3": 0,
    "number4": "",
    "type4": 0
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