Get voicemail / fax box list (API version 4.0 or higher)

Function call (URL)PermissionsPossible parameters
/app_vmf_box_list User

Example call:

Response typePossible content
idUnique number of the box.
typeSpecifies whether it is a voicemail or fax box.
1 Voicemail Box
2 Fax Box
activeSpecifies whether the voicemail or fax box is activated.
0 off
1 on
permanentSpecifies whether the voicemail or fax box is switched depending on the configuration.
0 Box is not permanently activated, the on/off status may change with the next configuration switchover.
1 Box status is switched across configurations (permanently).

Example response:

    "id": 5796,
    "type": 2,
    "active": 1,
    "permanent," 1,
    "name": "fax 796"
    "id": 984,
    "type": 1,
    "active": 1,
    "permanent", 0,
    "name": "AB 296"