Retrieve hotel room status

Function call (URL)PermissionsPossible parameters
Unique ID of the hotel participant / room

Example call:


  • In order to use this function, the Hotel User function must be activated.

Response typePossible content
checkedIn 0 Hotel room available (Check-Out is done)
1 Hotel room occupied (Check-In has been completed)
checkinId0 Hotel room available (Check-Out is done)
1…65535 (system-wide) continuous CheckinId
checkinDateDate of last check-in (Format: “yymmddhhmm”)
exchangeLine0 incoming calls only
1 incoming and outgoing calls possible
locked0 Room is locked
1 Room is available
cleaned0 Room must be cleaned
1 Room is cleaned
chargesAccrued call charges in hundredths
chargesFormattedFormatted string of the incurred call charges

Example response:

                "checkedIn": 1,
                "checkinId": "20965",
                "checkinDate": "1804171413",
                "exchangeLine": 1,
                "locked": 0,
                "cleaned": 1,
                "charges": 2250,
                "chargesFormatted": "22.50 €"
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