Individual home screen background

As of firmware version 1.10, the home screen background of the D-400 and D-600 telephones may be individualized by provisioning (the link to) an image (I) or setting an image from android's gallery (II) as background.

You can apply a *.jpg or *.png image of whatever dimension, as long as it is not bigger than 5 MB. The image will be scaled and cropped to fit into it’s space. Obviously this may cause loss of quality and/or parts of your image.

Meet these dimensions to get the best experience out of this feature:

D-400: 480 x 250px

D-600: 1024 x 570px

Note 1: The lower part of the image will be covered by the softkey bar (D-400: 50px, D-600: 68px in height).

Note 2: The text colors of the home screen are white and may loose their readability on a wildly colored background image.

The xml tags to use are: <homeScreenDesign> and the subordinated tag <backgroundImage>.

The background image may be inserted as a base64 encoded string:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <backgroundImage>/9j/ […] e3TXT5RCiiitCgooooA//Z</backgroundImage>

That’s it – the image appears as background on your home screen.

Quick hint: „How do I generate a base64 string?“

In order to encode an image to a base64 string, feel cordially invited to use our online tool:

On Ubuntu Linux an encoder is installed by default. You can use it as follows:

base64 –wrap=0 /my/path/to/background.png > /possibly/another/path/to/background.txt

That's it - the string will be written without wrapping into the provided file and may be copied from there to the xml provisioning file.

You can also insert the link to an image file on a web server:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

That’s it – the image appears as background on your home screen.

Please note: The image will be loaded on every reboot of the phone, so make sure the file is stored in a reliably reachable location. If you are not sure about this, please download the image onto your phone and set it from there as background image (II).

In order to set an image from android’s gallery as home screen background, open the menu of your d-series telephone and click on “gallery”. Here you can open the desired image. In the menu (upper right corner), click on “Set picture as”, then in the lower middle of the screen “Set as … Wallpaper” and on the upper left corner “Set Wallpaper”. That’s it – the image appears as background on your home screen.

In order to get new images from the Internet into the gallery, you can use the pre-installed browser “Firefox Klar”. Open the browser as usual from the menu and (if known) insert the link to the image directly into the address bar or e. g. use the google search to find one that suits your requirements (example: type “frog” in the address bar, in google search click on images) and open it. Once your image is shown in the browser (google search: “full size image”), long press it and chose “save image” from the menu. That’s it – the image appears in android's gallery on your phone.

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