Configuration templates

The key configuration is very flexible. Each key-function that a user selects when setting up a key is actually entirely described in the settings → templates.

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <template prio="30" name="@string/speed_dial_title" label="@param-@string/uri" icon="@drawable/invite">
        <parameter name="@string/uri" type="text">

The phone comes with several predefined functions. An admin may choose to restrict the list of available Key-Functions or (s)he might change existing ones or create new ones.

Since the template is part of the phones configuration, it can be provided via provisioning. One could for example overwrite existing templates ( like call forward) if the phone should not handle call forward function locally. In this scenario, the user will continue to see the translated key for call forward, can configure the key as he wants and if the key is pressed call forwarding is toggled on the pbx.

The phone out of the box (or after settings-reset) comes with a list of available functions to choose from when setting up a key. Actually there are 2 lists, one can overwrite and add to the initial list a second set of functions by selecting “activate vendor templates” in the provisioning-subsection of the settings-menu on the phone.

see Examples

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