IPv4 is the default protocol used on D-Series phones to connect to the outer world. Shipped phones are configured to retrieve an IPv4 address via DHCP.

Additionally to being 'disabled', IPv4 supports two modes:

  1. DHCP (default)
  2. Static

In DHCP-mode, the IPv4 address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS servers and such things as provisioning information are retrieved from a local DHCP server. You can find a table listing the DHCP options considered below. Please note, that DHCP-supplied DNS servers are only used if none have been configured manually.

Static-mode allows to configure the IPv4 address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS servers of your phone manually.

Option-Index Option-Name Function Format (if not default)
3 routers list of gateways to other networks
6 domain_name_servers list of DNS-servers
12 host_name clients hostname
15 domain_name clients domainname
42 ntp_servers list of NTP-servers
43 vendor_encapsulated_options vendor-specific options binhex
66 tftp_server_name provisioning-server (host-part)
67 bootfile_name provisioning-server (path-part)
100 posix_timezone IEEE 1003.1 TZ String
101 tzdb_timezone Reference to TZDB
119 domain_search List of search-domains, appended to hostnames without FQDN
132 vlan_id VLAN ID string
133 vlan_qos VLAN Priority (string) string
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