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Get system configuration#

Minimum API level

API version 4.0 or higher

Function call (URL) Permissions Possible parameters
/app_konfig_get user / sub-admin autoswitch or configs

Example call -- autoswitch:

Response type Possible content
autoswitch Is automatic switching enabled.
Example response (autoswitch)

Example call -- configs:


This returns the same results as app_konfig_list for backward compatibility.

Response type Possible content
id Unique number of the system configuration.
bezeich The name of the system configuration.
identnummer Identification number of the system configuration that is used for configuration switching with an internal telephone.
current Shows whether this system configuration is switched on or not. Only one of the system configurations will have this set to "true" at a time.
Example response
    "id": 34,
    "bezeich": "Konfig-1",
    "identnummer": "201",
    "current": true
    "id": 5408,
    "bezeich": "Konfig-3",
    "identnummer": "203",
    "current": false