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ICT system API#

General / Login to the system#

Login, Digest Access Authentication (DAA)

Before a command can be called in the ITC appliance, a login is mandatory. The only exception is the request of system information.

Authorisation at the ITC appliances is carried out via Digest Access Authentication (DAA) according to RFC 2617, whereby session recognition runs outside the usual digest implementation. It is carried out by means of a cookie AUERSessionID (15-character value) from the web server of the ITC appliance, in the first successful login. If this cookie is not transferred by the application, the web server requests a new authorisation by means of Digest Access Authentication with each call. Please note that another session is then created. Currently, the web server supports a maximum of 100 sessions. If this value is exceeded, the oldest participant sessions in the Web server of the ITC appliance are deleted.


The following commands are called exclusively via https. The individual commands are appended to the URL, e.g.


All responses from the system are made with the content-type application/json (charset=utf-8). The individual data records of a type are separated by a comma. From version 2 of the API, the version of the API is displayed in the http header with the flag "X-AppVersion".

New functions with API version 4.0#

With the aforementioned ITC appliances from firmware version 6.8, the extended API version 4.0 is available. The following functions are available with this version:

  • Retrieve voicemail/faxbox list

  • Voicemail/fax on/

  • Retrieve list of system configurations

  • Call up subscriber properties (call forwarding, call waiting, call protection)

  • Switch subscriber properties (call forwarding, call waiting, call protection)

API versions and required firmware versions#

Some functions are only available starting with certain API versions (see table of contents). The corresponding API versions require these firmware versions:

  • API-Version 1 Firmware 5.2 or higher

  • API-Version 2 Firmware 5.6 or higher

  • API-Version 3 Firmware 6.6 or higher

  • API-Version 4 Firmware 6.8 or higher

  • API-Version 5 Firmware 7.0 or higher

  • API-Version 6 Firmware 7.2 or higher

  • API-Version 7 Firmware 7.4 or higher

Supported ICT systems#

  • COMpact 4000

  • COMpact 5000

  • COMpact 5000R

  • COMpact 5200

  • COMpact 5200R

  • COMpact 5500R

  • COMmander 6000

  • COMmander 6000R

  • COMmander 6000RX