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Get system information#

Function call (URL) Permissions Possible parameters
/app_about none none

Example call:

Response type Possible content
pbx Name of the PBX type, e. g. COMpact 5200R, matching the pbxType.
pbxType 0 undefined
10 COMmander 6000
11 COMmander 6000R/6000RX
12 COMpact 5000
13 COMpact 5000R
20 COMpact 4000
33 COMpact 5200
34 COMpact 5200R
35 COMpact 5500R
version Firmware version of the communication server.
serial Serial number of the communication server (26 digits).
date Date in the communication server.
macaddr MAC address of the communication server (Ethernet interface of the motherboard).
svn Revision number of the firmware in SVN.
donglesn Serial number of the PBX dongle (12 digits).
If the serial number cannot be read out, "donglesn":"---" is output.
Example response
    "pbx": "COMpact 5500R",
    "pbxType": 35,
    "version": "Version 6.8A - Build 000 ",
    "serial": "3142423524",
    "date": "01.04.2017",
    "macaddr": "00:09:52:00:01:45",
    "svn": "00000 ",
    "donglesn": "---"