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Insert/modify/delete alarm time#

Function call (URL) Permissions Possible parameters
/app_wakening_times_set user / sub-admin action: 0 Create, 1 Change, 2 Delete
weckId: Specification of the unique alarm time ID (id).
zeit: Specification of the alarm time in hh:mm.
tag: Specification of the day or days: 1 Monday, 2 Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 8 Thursday, 16 Friday, 32 Saturday, 64 Sunday, 31 Monday to Friday, 96 Saturday to Sunday, 127 daily
immer: Indicates whether the alarm is woken up once or repeatedly: [empty] once, immer recurring
aktiv: Indicates whether the alarm time is switched on or off: [empty] off, aktiv on

Example call:


  • Admin cannot create wake-up times
  • Create new alarm times: action=0 + time + day(immer=immer and aktiv=aktiv if desired)
  • Change alarm times: action=1 + wakId + time + day(immer=immer and aktiv=aktiv if desired)
  • Clear alarm times: action=2 + weckId
Response type Possible content
successful true or false
Example response