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Get message list (voice and fax mails)#

Function call (URL) Permissions Possible parameters
/app_vmf_msg_list user / sub-admin boxType: 1 Only voice messages, 2 Only fax messages, [empty] All messages
archived: 0 NOT archived messages, 1 ONLY archived messages, [empty] All messages

Example calls:


If you log on as "Admin", the web server delivers the messages of all voicemail or fax boxes.

Response type Possible content
id Unique message number.
boxid Unique number of the voicemail or fax box.
msgtype Specifies whether it is a voicemail or fax box.
1 Voicemail Box
2 Fax Box
extname Name of the caller, if call number or name is known.
The name can come from the central phone book, from the online name search or from the network (display message from the direction of the network operator).
extrufnr Call number of the caller, if known.
intrufnr Internal call number of the voicemail or fax box.
amtname Name of the own called number.
msgdate Date of the voicemail or fax message.
msgtime Time of the voicemail or fax message.
msgleng Voicemail: Duration of the recording (hh:mm:ss).
Fax: Total number of pages.
msgFaxResult Fax only: Sending or receiving successful.
0 successful
> 0 not successful (specifying the T.30 status code)
msgFaxJobState Fax only: status of transmission.
0 initialization
1 waiting
2 sending
3 sending unsuccessfully finished
4 sending successfully finished
msgFaxSendPages Fax only: Number of actually sent or received pages.
msgarchived Voicemail or fax message is archived.
0 Is NOT in archive
1 Is in archive
msgdatelong Specify the seconds after 01.01.1970 (good for sorting the entries).
msgisoutgoing Direction.
0 Received
1 Sent
msgdeleted The message has already been marked for deletion in the system.
0 no deletion mark
1 marked for deletion (should be hidden in the list)
msgfilelen Size of the message (WAVE or PDF) in Byte.
isnewmsg New and not yet retrieved message:
0 Old
1 New
Example response (voice mail)
     "id": 147357617,
     "boxid": 8209,
     "msgtype": 1,
     "extname": "Auerswald",
     "extrufnr": "0530692000",
     "intrufnr": "8750",
     "amtname": "MSN1",
     "msgdate": "04.02.17",
     "msgtime": "12:49:14",
     "msgleng": "00:00:11",
     "msgFaxResult": 0,
     "msgFaxJobState": 0,
     "msgFaxSendPages": 0,
     "msgarchived": 0,
     "msgdatelong": 1296820154,
     "msgisoutgoing": 0,
     "msgdeleted": 0,
     "msgfilelen": 368684,
     "isnewmsg": 1
Example response (fax)
    "boxid": 8210,
    "msgtype": 2,
    "extname": "Auerswald",
    "extrufnr": "0530692000",
    "intrufnr": "9750",
    "amtname": "MSN2",
    "msgdate": "05.01.17",
    "msgtime": "15:36:59",
    "msgleng": "2",
    "msgFaxResult": 0,
    "msgFaxJobState": 1,
    "msgFaxSendPages": 2,
    "msgarchived": 0,
    "msgdatelong": 1294238219,
    "msgisoutgoing": 0,
    "msgdeleted": 0,
    "msgfilelen": 557100,
    "isnewmsg": 1