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Get storage overview#

Function call (URL) Permissions Possible parameters
/app_vmf_mem_state user / sub-admin none

Example call:

Response type Possible content
storage_type Indicates the type of storage.
0 unbekannt
1 SD card
2 USB storage device
sdstatus Shows the status of the used storage.
AVAIL Storage is available
ERROR Storage is available but not usable
(e.g. not supported format)
UNAVAIL no storage found
sdfreeSpace Shows the free storage in percent (%).
sdMBfree Shows the free storage in KByte.
sdMBtotal Shows the maximum possible storage capacity in KByte.
readonly Shows whether the storage in use has write protection enabled.
0 No write protection switched on
1 write protection switched on
sd_name Shows the product name of the SD card.
sd_rev Shows the revision number of the SD card.
sd_oid Shows the OEM/Application ID of the SD card.
showSDInfos Shows whether the values read out are valid.
0 invalid
1 valid
sd_mid Shows the manufacturer ID of the SD card.
Example response
    "storage_type": 1,
    "sdstatus": "AVAIL",
    "sdfreeSpace": 99,
    "sdMBfree": 1903648,
    "sdMBtotal": 1920736,
    "readonly": 0,
    "sd_name": "SD02G",
    "sd_rev": "0.0",
    "sd_oid": 21581,
    "showSDInfos": false,
    "sd_mid": 2