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Get exchanges#

Function call (URL) Permissions Possible parameters
/app_amt_list user / sub-admin none

Example call:

Response type Possible content
amtID Unique number of the outside line (not the external number).
name Name of the outside line.
ptpNumber Displays the basic call number of a PBX connection (PTP).
art Displays the type of connection: 0 ISDN-PTP, 1 ISDN-PTMP, 2 VoIP-PTMP, 3 POTS (Analog), 4 VoIP-PTP
Example response
    "amtId": 749,
    "name": "AMT Grundboard",
    "ptpNumber": "",
    "art": 1
    "amtId": 9044,
    "name": "VoIP PTMP",
    "ptpNumber": "",
    "art": 2