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Pickup is a common feature sip phones, it allows you to answer a call that is actually ringing on another phone. For this to work you need to monitor the other party via a speed-dial key. When propperly set up your phone will receive updates whenever the call-state of the monitored party changes. Your speed-dial key wil start blinking red when the monitored device receives a call and is ringing. Also on colored models and on extentions the info-line of the key will update to show who is calling. Pressing the key in this state will lead to picking the call, i.e. answering on your device.

Pickup Feature Code#

Usually pickup is done via standard sip-techniques using a replaces-header. Some pbx'es instead require the use of a feature code. Pickup is then done by calling said feature-code plus the number of the monitored party. The speed-dial keys will automatically switch to using a feature code when you set it in the pickupCode setting.