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Commented File-structure#

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- type: list -->
<templates version="1.26.11">
  <!-- parameters:
         name: Text identifying the Template. Has to be unique. Will be referenced in key structure to store which template was used. Free usable text or android resource tag
               type: string
         prio: sort with prio
               type: integer
         description: type: string
         icon: The icon of the key, base64 encoded.
               The icon is scaled to fit the display container.
               If starting with @drawable/ a android resource is used
               type: string
         label: When set this will be the default-label for a key of this type.
                Can be set to refer to a value of a specific parameter via "@param-@string/paramName"
                type: string -->
  <template name="" prio="10" description="" icon="" label="">
    <!-- Various configuration parameters for a functionkey.
         This can either be:
         - lua code
         - a line
         - a list of functions assigned to the key -->
        <!-- a lua-script
             type: string -->
        <!-- type: list -->
          <!-- A parameter for lua scripts to be set by the template.
                 name: type: string -->
          <param name="">
            <!-- type: string -->
    <!-- type: list -->
      <!-- parameters:
             type: Type for this field. Defaults to "text" if unspecified.
                   If set to "identity", must be a valid identity index, and will
                   show an identity chooser in configuration UI.
                   type: enum
                   accepted values:
             min: Minimum value (for type number) or length (for type text)
                  type: integer
             max: Maximum value (for type number) or length (for type text)
                  type: integer
             name: type: string
             description: type: string
             optional: Optional parameters may be left empty, the save-button in PUI will work without them.
                       type: boolean -->
      <parameter type="text" min="0" max="0" name="" description="" optional="false">
        <!-- List of XPath elements within the key structure.
             type: list
             minimum: 1 element -->
        <!-- List of allowed values. If empty, all values are allowed.
             type: list -->
            <!-- type: string -->
            <!-- type: string -->