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Speed dial#

A speed dial key is used to quickly dial number/buddy. It may also indicate the state of the destination and allows for pickup.


The current template itself for this key-type can be found here.


The key-type has the following parameters:


The number to call.


The identity the key is tied to. Only active identities can make calls or send sip-subscriptions.


Boolean toggle, default:on

Whether or not to issue a sip-subscription for the Number/URI. Only when enabled can the key reflect the busy-state of the buddy/destination. The PBX must suport dialog-subscriptions. Also: essential to allow for pickuphere.

  • red blinking: incoming call to the monitored number. When enabled, pickup is now possible.
  • red: monitored number is in an active call.
  • off: monitored number is idle (not involved in any calls).
  • orange: failed to aquire a subscription
  • orange blinking: trying to aquire a subscription


Boolean toggle, default:on

Whether or not to try to pick a call when monitored destination has in incoming ringing call. Only works with enabled Subscription.


Boolean toggle, default:off

Whether or not calls are made with this sip-header the asks the receiving phone to immediately take the call without ringing first: Alert-Info:;info=alert-autoanswer

Signalise missed call#

Boolean toggle, default:on

Whether a missed call from this buddy makes the key-led blink green.

Pickup-choice on key-press#

Boolean toggle, default:off

Pressing the key in a pickup-situation no longer directly tries to pick the call but shows a list off all calls that are available for pickup on this key.

Do not show in pickup list#

Boolean toggle, default:off

Optionally prevent this key from publishing its pickable calls into the global pickup-list that shows all pickups from all participating speed-dial keys.

Pickup of connected calls#

Boolean toggle, default:off

Allow to pick calls that got accepted. Useful when monitoring ones own answering-machine-extention.

Signal presence#

Boolean toggle, default:off

When enabled, the key will try to signal additional presence states. For this to work, the pbx must allow a presence-subscription.

The presence-state will only be signaled, when the key has nothing more important to show (missed call, pickup, ...)

Supported states:

  • available -> green
  • dnd or busy -> red
  • fwd, away, unknown, offline -> orange
  • failed to aquire a presence-subscription -> orange
  • trying to aquire a presence-subscription -> orange blinking

To determine the state a received presence-notify-xml is analyzed. You can read the algorythm here.