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Message/Notification Key#

The message key opens a list of all notifications/messages. Each notification can come with an urgency-level -> message-led behaviour. Urgent notification will want to make the led blink while notification standard importance will 'vote' for a solidly lid led. There are also additional (silent) notifications that don't want to intrude and leave the message-led be. When any notification desires a blinking led, then it will blink. If no blinking is desired, then the lid will be solidly lid when there are any notifications of standard importance.

controlling the led#

With FW 1.10 we introduced several new settings to control the led-behaviour. The most simple one allows to disable the led in its entirety.


This simple setting is on by default and allows to disable the led in its entirety when set to off.

This setting can be controlled from within the phone's setting-menu and it's web-ui.


This message-section list multiple settings, one for each type of notification. Each can be set individually to control the led behaviour or even disable the notification alltogether.

Most of these settings are accessible via provisioning only. Only signalSeenMissedCalls and signalOldMailboxMessages appear in the phone's setting-menu and web-ui. Refer to here for all available settings.