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Commented File-structure#

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<logging version="1.34.0">
  <!-- on D110/210: defaults to false, log will only contain errors and warnings
       on D400/600: defaults to true, log will not be restricted
       type: boolean -->
  <!-- type: list -->
    <!-- Describes a log-server -->
      <!-- Hostname of the log server
           type: string -->
      <!-- Port of the log server
           type: integer
           minimum: 1
           maximum: 65535 -->
      <!-- Protocol to use for logging
           type: enum
           accepted values:
             udp -->
      <!-- Filter to use for logging. A space-separated list of TAG[:Priority].
           TAG can be "*" for all, Priority can be one of
           S:silent E:error W:warning I:info D:debug V:verbose.
           Default priority if omitted is [V]erbose.
           type: string -->