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Provisioning of the admin password and user.


Commented File-structure#

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- A list of all users
     type: list -->
<users version="1.26.11">
  <!-- A single user
         name: The name of the user used for login.
               It is at the same time the unique id.
               type: string
               matched against: '^[^:]*$' -->
  <user name="">
    <!-- The name of the user used for display.
         If it is empty, the name will be used.
         type: string -->
    <!-- The password for the user.
         If the password is provisioned, you have to
         supply a hashed password.
         You can create a compatible hash using the
         tool provided in the web interface
         at the following url:
         Over the api, you send the password over HTTPS
         in clear text, where it gets hashed in the
         type: string -->
    <!-- The role for the user.
         an admin is allowed to do everything.
         A user is not allowed to configure anything by default,
         additional rights for the user have to be explicitly granted
         type: enum
         accepted values:
           admin -->
    <!-- The image for the user, base64 encoded or as http(s) uri.
         The image should not exceed 300x300px.
         type: string -->
    <!-- Indicates whether a user has to change his password.
         This flag will only be evaluated by client side logins
         and any tool handling the login should honour it.
         type: boolean -->