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Commented File-structure#

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- AutoStarters are lua-scripts that continously run in the background.
     type: list -->
<luaAutoStarters version="1.34.0">
  <!-- parameters:
         name: type: string
         prio: Priority of this skript when listed in Settings-UI.
               The highest numbered script will be listed first.
               Scripts of same priority get lested alphabetically.
               type: integer -->
  <luaScriptParameterized name="" prio="10">
    <!-- a lua-script
         type: string -->
    <!-- type: list -->
      <!-- parameters:
             name: Identifies the parameter. Has to be unique.
                   Free usable text or android resource tag starting with "@string/"
                   type: string
             variable: Name of the parameter within lua-code. The parameter will automatically be available in your code
                        and contains the configured value. Type will also have an affect, the variable will either be a
                        boolean or an integer (number) or a string. Todo: SipUri
                       type: string
             value: type: string
             type: Type for this field. Defaults to "text" if unspecified.
                   If set to "identity", must be a valid identity index, and will
                   show an identity chooser in configuration UI.
                   type: enum
                   accepted values:
             min: Minimum value (for type number) or length (for type text)
                  type: integer
             max: Maximum value (for type number) or length (for type text)
                  type: integer
             description: type: string -->
      <parameter name="" variable="" value="" type="text" min="0" max="0" description="">
        <!-- For parameters of types text, sip_uri, web_uri, number or phoneList:
             Optionally define which values are allowed (offers combo-box in UI).
             If empty, all values are allowed.
             type: list -->
            <!-- type: string -->
            <!-- type: string -->